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by on February 26th, 2014

While researching this trip there were several options to consider. Which route….. Northern Tier, TransAm, Southern Tier (see adventurecycling.org) or some hybrid? Did I want to do it with a tour group? Unsupported with a tour, van supported with a tour, etc.?

The Southern Tier route was an obvious choice based on the time of year I set aside to make the trip (weather and such).  I decided to do it unsupported and outside of an organized tour group for a number of reasons.  I was prepared to go solo but open to the idea of finding one or two others to share the road with if the opportunity presented itself.  I ran across Ben Jernigan (from Texas) through the Adventure Cycling Association trip board and found that he was planning a similar route around the same time.  We decided to ride together and have been coordinating our schedules for the past couple of months.

Ben is a great story in his own right.  He just recently turned 30 and used to weigh 420 lbs until he started cycling!  Ben is also raising money for MS during his ride.  You can check him out at www.cyclingben.com.

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  1. Me and all the critters are cheering you on Kevin. Boss Paws is sending a Howl-Out to ya. We think your trip is PAW-some! Stay safe, healthy, and may the force be with you!

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