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Cycling From Coast To Coast

Day 37 – Starke, FL

by on April 9th, 2014

It was still raining this morning (fit my mood after watching UK lose to Uconn last night) so we waited around until 10:00 AM or so before we started riding, traveling 65 miles to Starke. We were about 120 miles from St. Augustine to start the day and were going to spread it out over three days (which would have been hard to go that slow), to allow for some family to get into St. Augustine before we finished. It looks like Gretchen (my wife) will be there tomorrow morning and Buck’s people will also be there mid-day so we are going to go ahead and finish tomorrow, probably around 1:00 PM. The storms have moved out so we should have a clear ride.

Donations to The Dream Factory are still coming in. Including checks mailed to their office, and online donations, the total is approaching $4,500. Many thanks to everyone who has supported me with encouraging emails, texts and phone calls and by donating to The Dream Factory!

I quit taking pictures of livestock a while back. There are only so many horses, cows, goats, sheep, etc. you can take pictures of as you roll through the countryside…….but, I saw a steer today with horns bigger than anything I saw in Texas, right here in Florida.

photo-34  photo-35

Buck is heading to Atlanta tomorrow afternoon and Baptiste plans to hang around St. Augustine for a few days before riding down to Miami to catch his cruise to Spain. Gretchen and I plan to stay in St. Augustine for a few days as well to see the city and visit some family in the area. Ben is still riding and has made good progress since struggling through the hilly parts of the ride between California and Austin, Texas. He is a few days behind us but should finish over the weekend. I give him a lot of credit for sticking with it and riding the last half of the trip by himself.

photo-151  photo-152





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