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Day 28 – Ville Platte, LA

by on March 31st, 2014

We rode mostly farm roads today. The traffic was minimal and some of the roads were a little rough but overall we made decent time and knocked out 75+ miles in plenty of time to get settled in for the UK vs Michigan game. The Cats continue to surprise me…..what a game! Anyway, back to the ride.  Baptiste enjoyed his time at the festival and they fed him a full pancake, bacon and egg breakfast this morning as well. He showed up in Ville Platte about 5:30 PM this afternoon after a later start and making up the 20 mile shortfall from yesterday.

The dogs were a problem again today, maybe 4 different encounters over 75+ miles. This part of Louisiana is very poor and some people let their dogs run loose. The poverty in the area is very noticeable, much more so than anything we saw in Texas. We passed several rice fields today as well which was something new. The pic below looks like a lake but is actually a flooded rice field (if that’s what you would call it). The other was just a nice meadow with yellow wild flowers.

photo-108  photo-107

The kids in the below pictures were camping in a big creek and fishing.

photo-110 photo-111

The roads in Louisiana appear to be the responsibility of the local Parish (similar to a county) as they would change noticeably each time we entered a new one. Some are better than others…..and some were pretty rough. As we rolled into Evangeline Parish the road went from nice black top immediately to a multi surface rough road and continued for several miles. The picture really doesn’t do it justice.


Tomorrow we hope to get to or past the Baton Rouge area. The weather is supposed to be dry with unfavorable 10-20 mph winds so we will play it by ear as usual.




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  1. It’s amazing how much the landscape changes as you guys ride. Wow! I’m getting a nice geography lesson by following you on the blog. You are meeting some nice folks along the way. What an awesome experience! I hope the winds aren’t too bad tomorrow. Glad you got to see the UK game. Zoey and Boss Paws watched the beginning of it together. Gretchen and I had a great time with them at the dog park today. I think dog parks must be some of the happiest places in the world. I’ll sign off FUR now. Keep biking it up > Round to the Ground!

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