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Day 27 – DeRidder, LA

by on March 30th, 2014

The stormy weather moved out last night and we had a nice sunny day. The highlight of the day was leaving Texas and entering Louisiana after 14 days of riding!

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The first town we entered in Louisiana was Merryville in Beauregard Parish (pop. 1,100). They just happened to be having their annual festival this weekend so we stopped in to check it out. They had food, some small kiddy rides, petting zoo, stage for music and the grounds had a museum and a historic log home on the property. The theme was “Heritage Days” and they had several people dressed in old time western wear complete with shot guns, rifles and pistols. They were having impromptu skits and gun fights (with blanks of course). We were a little self conscious about walking through their get together in our biking attire, tights, etc. They could not have been more welcoming. The “President and Vice President” of the festival (wife and husband) saw us and introduced themselves, offered us lodging and showers, etc. if we wanted to stay the night.

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Baptiste was so enamored with the whole thing that he decided to stay the night and enjoy the music that was slated for the evening. After a while Buck and I had seen all we could see and decided to continue on to our destination another 20 miles to DeRidder and 78 miles for the day. Baptiste will catch up with us in the morning.

Earlier in the day we met two cyclists that were heading west from Florida. They did not start together but had been riding together for the last several days. John, 26 years old from Columbus, is heading to San Diego and then up the coast all the way to Alaska. Bob, 62 from Rodchester, NY is completing his ride in Austin, TX. We probably spent 30 minutes or more talking to them, nice guys.

photo-24 photo-25 photo-26

Our next few days riding will follow this route (more or less). We started with 7 ACA maps and have completed four of them and are currently on number five.


The route outlined in this website was a loose schedule and some of it not exactly on the mapped route. The original schedule had us going from Silsbee to Lake Charles and Lafayette but we decided we would see more on the back roads of the ACA route so we are sticking with that for now.


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