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Cycling From Coast To Coast

Day 26 – Silsbee, TX

by on March 29th, 2014

It looks like we are finally out of the hills for good. The entire ride today was completely flat and from the occasional cyclist we have talked to coming the other way, they say it is pretty flat from here all the way to Florida. We rode in a light rain much of the day but it was comfortable and the riding was good. What a difference a couple of hundred miles makes, the landscape has completely changed and everything is lush and green (overcast again today).

photo-97 photo-96

One thing that has also changed is the number of loose dogs running around. We were chased by dogs on three separate occasions today. On the last one three dogs came at us at the same time, unfortunately, causing our first mishap of the trip. Baptiste slowed down and Buck was behind him with his attention on the dogs and more or less rear ended him. Buck got his front wheel tied up with Bap’s rear wheel and went down pretty hard, scraped up his hip and knee but was otherwise not hurt. He was lucky. I was in front of them at the time and avoided the pile up.


We talked to a solo cyclist this afternoon that started in Florida and was heading west to California. He told us a story of two dogs chasing him today and he actually got bit (small nick on his calf but it broke the skin). Here is the guy with mace in his right hand reenacting the story. I think some strong body language is likely more effective than the mace.


Tomorrow we should leave Texas (finally!) and cross into Louisiana.

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