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Day 25 – Cleveland, TX

by on March 28th, 2014

Today was a good ride.  With the inclement weather forecast we were prepared to do anything from zero to 75 miles and were lucky to get all the way to Cleveland, TX.  It rained around us all day and is raining now but we stayed dry for the most part during the ride.  It was warmer and actually pleasant compared to the last few days of colder winds.  Tomorrow is supposed to be mid 80′s and a chance of thunderstorms again but at least it will stay warm.

It was very overcast all day so didn’t have too many photo opportunities.  We passed through several towns today, the most significant of which was Conroe with over 50,000 people including a large lake and marina.  We enjoyed the luxury of multiple food choices for lunch in Conroe (many days we eat lunch out of our packs or in gas stations) and had Italian food for the first time since my Cousin Amy’s house in Arizona. We loaded up on some pasta (same guys in same clothes…..different day) and chatted with some of the locals about our trip which is a daily occurrence and always enjoyable.


We passed through a small town called Cut and Shoot, Texas.

photo-21  photo-22

Dinner choices within walking distance from our hotel in Cleveland (7,000 people) were Mexican, Chinese or chain fast food. We have eaten enough Mexican food to last us all the rest of the trip so we opted for Chinese. Baptiste protested that the food was not really Chinese after having spent months bicycling through it…..the funny part is he ate the entire fortune cookie including the paper fortune inside.

I’ve learned a little more about Baptiste’s trip as we have had more time to talk in the evenings. Before arriving in the US he had already logged over 10,000 miles and will have an additional 3,500 miles or so by the time he reaches Miami (started in Los Angeles). After taking a twelve day cruise from Miami to Spain he plans to bike another 4,000 miles +/- in Spain, Portugal and France. When he completes that leg he will have approximately 17-18,000 miles logged and one year riding since he started on June 30th, 2013. His blog address is passeratparla.blogspot.com. It gives the option to convert it from French to English but seems a little gets lost in the translation. The following are the countries he has cycled through on his journey.

USA (now)
Spain (next)
Portugal (next)
France (next)

We hope to be out of Texas in 2-3 days and into Louisiana which will be a mental milestone for the trip.  This is one wide state, not sure of the exact number but we will have logged 1,000 +/- miles in Texas alone, a full 1/3 of the total mileage for the trip. Not sure why, but my impression was that Texas was mostly flat…..it’s not, at least not the southwestern 3/4 of it. We didn’t necessarily take the most direct route across, but even if you took only the interstate from west to east it approaches 900 miles. I found this description on Wikipedia - At just under 879 miles (1,415 km), the stretch of Interstate 10 crossing Texas, maintained by the Texas Department of Transportation, is the longest continuous untolled freeway under a single authority in North America, a title formerly held by Ontario’s Highway 401. Mile marker 880 (and the corresponding exit number) near Orange are the highest numbered mile marker and exit on the Interstate Highway System or, for that matter, on any freeway in North America.



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  1. Tommie says:

    Eating the entire fortune cookie, paper and all, is very funny! My son has done that a few times! And I’m finding myself to be very envious of Baptiste! As always, thanks for the continued updates.

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