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Day 24 – Navasota, TX

by on March 26th, 2014

We decided last night to make today a rest day and rode a short 30 miles to Navasota this morning. The weather was dicey but we only got some light rain on the way in.  The forecast for tomorrow is down to 80% chance of rain with thunderstorms but we will still try to make it 75 miles to Cleveland, TX, weather permitting.  Conroe is about 40 miles out of Navasota and we have the option to stop there if things take a turn for the worse.  We are still a few days ahead of the loose schedule I outlined to start the trip.  I only took one pic today, these two huge bulls were checking me out as I rode by….


Side note…. Ben will be in Austin today having made it through the hill country. His girlfriend is there to meet him. As far as I know he plans to press on solo.

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  1. Judie House says:

    Again, thinking about you. Just hung up from Gretchen. Grandma Betty is in personal care home now. My brother did his usual and left her high and dry. She is not allowed to live alone, so I put her in personal care home and she is doing fine there. At least now she is getting meals on a regular basis and all her meds on time. Love and hugs from the Burgh. Miss you lots. Stay safe. Nunny

  2. Keep the critter pictures coming :)
    Boss Paws and the kitty crew love’em. I hope the weather gives you a break tomorrow. You guys are truckin’! Keep it up!

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