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Day 22 & 23 – Bastrop, TX and Brenham, TX

by on March 26th, 2014

Yesterday we had a big day making it all the way through Austin and 25 miles or so past it stopping in Bastrop, TX.  It was about 110 miles total but slow going through the Austin traffic and we didn’t finish the ride until 7:45 PM.  The wind wasn’t much of a factor out of Fredericksburg, passing through Johnson City (hometown of Lyndon Johnson) and then spent the next 40 miles or so on a hilly back road that went through a state park, lots of private ranches and had very little traffic.  The transition from brown to green continued as we got closer to Austin and were “escorted” by many types of animals along the way, also a big change over the prior couple of weeks.  We saw our first Texas Long Horn cattle along with buffalo, goats, sheep, deer, horses, ostriches and even camels.

Saw several better examples with wider set horns.

photo-19 photo-80 photo-81 photo-82

No pic of the buffalo but here’s the camel, there were several but all on the same property.


This morning we crawled out of Bastrop, a little depleted from yesterday’s ride. It was chilly, the winds were up and once again out of the east.  I was telling a buddy last night that the Texas wind machine is broken….someone reversed the polarity on it and didn’t change it back. We were considering trying to reach Navasota today, 87 miles away, but the combination of 15-20 mph winds in our face and dead legs from the day before led to a stop in Brenham, TX after about 65 miles.  The winds against a heavy bike with the wide profile of the bags, etc. aren’t great for aerodynamics.  It’s nice to have more options of places to stop in now that we are in a more populated part of Texas.  We stopped in Giddings for lunch at Reba’s deli, the flags next door gave some indication of the wind strength.  In Texas it seems you never see the American flag without the Texas state flag flying next to it.


While eating lunch we were having the typical conversation with someone asking us where we were headed, where we started, etc., with some of the local folks.  This nice lady and her two younger daughters were having a hard time processing the whole thing but after it sunk in she started telling us about the bluebonnet flowers that are now in bloom and what a big deal they are in Texas. She said to be sure and get some pictures when we saw them on the side of the road…..so we did.  When I was looking up the spelling of “bluebonnet” I found the following quote, ”The bluebonnet is to Texas what the shamrock is to Ireland, the cherry blossom to Japan, the lily to France, the rose to England and the tulip to Holland”.

photo-90 photo-87

photo-88 photo-86

After 23 days of mostly dry weather (a little rain on two different days) it looks like our luck is about to change. Tomorrow is supposed to be cold and rainy with high winds, Thursday is warmer but they are calling for heavy thunderstorms and 100% chance of rain and Friday is similar.  So, we may be forced into some light riding days until the weekend and truth be told…..could probably use the rest.  We will see how things develop.

Buck and Baptiste last night after long ride.


Baptiste sleeping outside of market / bakery this afternoon in Carmine, TX.  The nice ladies at the bakery brought us each a fresh baked danish on the house as we lounged around on their front stoop taking a break.



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