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Day 21 – Fredericksburg, TX

by on March 24th, 2014

In yesterday’s post I said something to the effect that Baptiste would try and catch up with us over the next day or two.  Well….he caught up with us last night about 10:30 PM.  He rode 60+ miles with Ben yesterday after getting a late start after 9:00 AM.  After stopping with Ben in Ozona he decided to go ahead and try to close the gap all at once, riding an additional 100+ miles after 3:00 PM yesterday afternoon, the last several in the dark.  No mistake on the math, he rode over 160 MILES and showed up at my hotel last night at 10:30.  Blew my mind.  He did some laundry, took a shower, slept on the floor of our hotel room and we took off this morning like it was just another day.

This is what a French guy looks like after riding 160 miles.

photo-79   photo-78

One thing I’ve learned out here (I’m probably repeating myself) is that mileage is only one measure of the day’s ride.  The weather, riding surface, hills, flats/mechanical issues, etc. all have a bearing.  Today was one of those long 55 mile rides.  Apparently we are still entrenched in “Texas Hill Country” although should be out of it soon.  It was cold, windy (some rain) and hilly but it was fun to have Baptiste back in the lineup with us.  We stopped in Fredericksburg in time for me to catch the 2nd half of the big UK win over Wichita State.  It is a town of 10,000+ and very nice place (has been a while since I thought that).  Lots of restaurants, art galleries, boutiques, etc. I didn’t take any decent pictures because the weather was poor.

We are hoping to make it to Austin tomorrow but will be close to 100 miles depending on which route we take.  The weather will have to be better than today.  If in a car and riding the interstate into town it would be about 80 miles.





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