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Day 20 – Segovia, TX

by on March 23rd, 2014

We covered 65 miles today after leaving Sonora.  One of those logistical decisions to stop with the next town about 55 miles away.  I saw these photos this morning where I had breakfast…..they show Sonora in the late 1800′s.

photo-74 photo-75

The landscape continues to change as we come to the end of “Texas Hill Country”.  The last two days were a lot of pedaling up extended climbs and coasting down without much total elevation change.  We actually crossed the first creek / river with water in it that I can remember. Not much of a picture but symbolic after a dry couple of weeks in AZ, NM and TX.


Buck and I checked into a roadside motel in Segovia.  Mimi the cat (big cat) was walking around on the check-in counter.  Then after we got in the room this dog wandered in, jumped on the bed, hung out for a few minutes then took off….ok, I know, a little low on material today.
photo-76 photo-77

Baptiste has made the tough decision to leave Ben and try to catch up with us.  At the end of the day it was putting too much pressure on Ben to keep up and Baptiste did not want to fall further behind. From here on out Ben should be able to go at his own pace and have better options for places to stay as the towns are closer together for the rest of the trip.  I give him a lot of credit for making it this far and hope he is able to stick it out.  Baptiste will likely catch up with us sometime tomorrow or the next day by just putting the hammer down even though he was 100 miles behind us to start the day.  Looking forward to seeing Baptiste but feeling bad for Ben.

Tomorrow is supposed to be cool, windy and rainy.  Our plans are to have a shorter semi rest day (still 55 miles) tomorrow and stop in Fredericksburg (town of 10,000) and also allow Baptiste a chance to catch up.


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  1. Mimi (the big cat) and the wandering dog…that’s my kind of material :)
    Boss Paws and my kitties like this stuff too ^..^
    Keep up the great work Kevin!

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