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Day 17 – Fort Stockton, TX

by on March 20th, 2014

As mentioned a few times, West Texas is very desolate, sparse, arid…..you get the picture.  El Paso and Austin (our next big city destination) are about 600 miles apart and a little more than 2/3 of the width of the state at its widest points.  So, not much new to report different from yesterday as far as scenery or new characters. Today was chilly and winds were not favorable so was a grinder type of day.  Tomorrow is supposed to be warmer but winds still not favorable.

After 17 straight days of riding I am definitely missing family and friends, but at the same time I get much needed daily encouragement from many sources, some expected and some not.  The support for The Dream Factory has been great.  To date, donations total more than $3,000, all from individuals and all in the last three weeks or so. We didn’t really set a goal but I was hoping to at least raise $1 for each mile ridden.  We are basically there with still another 30 days or so to go on the trip. Thanks so much to everyone who has donated, it really is a great cause. Hopefully we will continue to receive donations in the coming weeks.

In lieu of cycling pics today here are few pics of my wife and kids….thanks to them for allowing me to do this! Alex is on spring break and her and Gretchen are in Gatlinburg, TN hiking and horseback riding.

Last I saw Gretchen in Chicago for Penguins vs Blackhawks outdoor game.


Alex in Gatlinburg earlier today

IMG_6499  IMG_3858

Gretchen & Madison




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  1. Sandy Heitkemper says:

    Hang in there !! We miss you too! We bombed trivia night without ya!! I can’t wAit to see pics of Louisiana! Love the vootz :)

  2. Judie House says:

    You are doing fantastic. Amazing pics and narration. My fingers and toes are all crossed for your safe travels. Hugs and love from the ‘Burgh. Nunny

  3. Judie House says:

    PS the Penguins are winning 3 to 2 right now. Just getting ready for the 3rd period.

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