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Day 16 – Balmorhea, TX

by on March 19th, 2014

We (Kevin & Buck) decided to go off the route this morning and come up with a more “reasonable” day after yesterday’s 117 miles.  We continued more directly east than southeast and found a town on the map with basic services 72 miles from Van Horn that kept us going in the right direction.  Buck decided to camp when we got here and I’m holed up at The Eleven Inn in Balmorhea. It’s actually not a bad little spot.  We had the winds with us today but it looks like they will be turning against us the next two days at least.

photo photo

We ran into a guy (Russ, 63 years old) out on the road this morning that we met a couple of times earlier in the trip.  We pulled off the road because we saw a gas station (a rare occasion between towns in west Texas)….only to find out it was closed.  Russ and two guys from Minnesota he had picked up along the way were sitting there having just done the same thing.  It was surprising that we ran into them, I think they were the only people not in a car that we saw the last two days between destinations. They also stopped in Balmorhea but are headed further south in the direction of the border tomorrow and I think we are going to continue more directly east (still under discussion).  Some of you bikers might notice that Russ’s bike has a single gear on the front….no climbing gear.  From what I could gather the gear is bigger than my middle ring and smaller than my large ring.  He’s riding a freshly painted 25 year old frame as well.  Needless to say he is pretty fit.


We saw this sign this morning and have now dubbed Buck the “Michigan Flat” as he is from Michigan and has had seven flat tires.


Ben and Baptiste are about 100 miles behind us in Sierra Blanca.

Here are a few other pics from the last two days…..

Border Patrol
photo photo

Those tiny black things in pic are cows

photo photo

It’s cold in the morning so we are riding in jackets and one other layer to start usually

photo photo







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