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Day 15 – Van Horn, TX

by on March 18th, 2014

Buck and I left El Paso around 7:30 this morning.  Ben decided he needed a rest day and stayed in El Paso as did Baptiste.  Our scheduled stop today was Fort Hancock with the next day going to Van Horn.  Our plan in the morning was to push past Fort Hancock and try for Sierra Blanca (between Fort Hancock and Van Horn).

We got to Sierra Blanca feeling pretty good and rode on to Van Horn for a total distance on the day of 117 miles, picking up a full day on the schedule.  At some point we assume we will need to take a rest day or not ride because of storms, etc. so it’s nice to have a couple of days “in the bank”.  The only downside to our long ride today is that the next city suitable to stop in for the night is Fort Davis, 90 miles away and about 2,200 feet higher in elevation before we get there.  So, our choices for tomorrow are a rest day or 90 miles mostly uphill.  We will likely do the 90 miles unless we can’t get out of bed in the morning. See the elevation change below between Van Horn and Fort Davis.  It’s not very clear but Van Horn is city on far left andFort Davis on Far right.


We also had no flats or mechanical issues today which made the long ride doable.  We are now more than a day ahead of Ben and Baptiste and it’s possible that we won’t reconnect with them directly but will stay in close contact via text and phone.

West Texas is pretty desolate and we didn’t see too many people today.  We did pass through a Border Patrol station as we were in close proximity to the border most of the way.  We are currently in the “hill country” and tomorrow’s trip will be the last of the big elevation change days on the route.



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